Mihir’s Handbook of Chemical Process Engineering ( in Pendrive)

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“THE HANDBOOK OF CHEMICAL PROCESS ENGINEERING” is aimed towards all levels of chemical process engineers. The author, who is a Master’s in Chemical Engineering as well as a certified project management professional (PMP®) and is himself a Process and Process Safety Engineer of 30+ year experience, has included all types of design data, optimization tips, go-by documents, sample calculations, drawings, diagrams, data sheets and calculation templates to help one in understanding and ultimately becoming proficient in chemical process engineering.

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Handook Details
1 No. of Chapters 44
2 No. of Pages 4000
3 Figures 2265
4 Tables 440
5 Calculation Templates 40
6 Datasheets 93
7 TBE Blank Formats 11
8 Checklists 25


Volume I
(Chapters 1 to 25)
This volume provides complete design information on various different equipment encountered by process engineer like separators, pumps, compressors, fired heaters, fans, exchangers, etc. as well as utility systems design.
Considerable in-depth information has been provided on design, types, applications, specifications, etc.
Volume II
(Chapters 26 to 39)
This volume provides the various types of projects, the different engineering disciplines involved, engineering documentation produced by a process engineer, elaboration on contents of each document, specialized studies, safety studies, elaboration on instrumentation & automation, materials of construction, technical bid analysis, details on precommissioning / commissioning, go-by optimized examples of many shell & tube and air cooled heat exchangers, go-by process philosophies, etc.
Volume III
(Chapters 40 to 44)
This volume provides excel based ready to use blank checklists, blank ready to use formats for many process documents, blank ready to use data sheets for equipment / instruments as well as easy to use calculation templates for many process engineering calculations. Additionally, many reference P&IDs are provided.

3 reviews for Mihir’s Handbook of Chemical Process Engineering ( in Pendrive)

  1. manasee2711 (verified owner)

    This book is an awe-inspiring contribution to the field of process engineering. Crisp, application oriented chapters speak volumes of the author’s rich experience. It is a comprehensive guide to process engineering as well as acquaints one with the allied disciplines and activities that come into the picture while working as a process engineer. The additional calculation templates, datasheets formats, check lists provided are a boon to any engineering company. I am glad to find such an exhaustive resource and will definitely be studying and referring it time and again in my career.

    • Mihir (verified owner)

      Thanks Manasee for the glowing words. I hope ebook benefits you a lot in your career.

  2. Darshan

    Excellent compilation of chemical engineering fundamentals and reference data for ready calculations

  3. Syed Abbas Raza (CEng)

    Can i get this book in UAE?

    • Mihir

      Currently we are not shipping the pendrive version outside India. However you may buy the pdf version.

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